Farm Consulting

Why does Brock Associates have more than one type of consulting service?

Brock Associates recognizes that individuals and farms differ in their business needs as well as risk tolerance and marketing comfort level. As such, Brock Consulting Services provides two different consulting services for producers:

  • Farm Marketing Consulting
  • Total Market Program

To learn more about any of these programs, please give us a call at 800-558-3431.

What is the key difference between the Farm Marketing Consulting program and the Total Marketing Program?

The short answer is implementation of decisions. Farmers using the Farm Marketing Consulting program retain total decision control while those using Total Marketing Program rely on their consultant to pull the trigger on hedging transactions with futures and options. Both programs also have a different fee structure.

How do I know if your Farm Marketing Consulting program is the right one for me?

This program is ideal for individuals who want one-on-one input, have the confidence and moderate or higher marketing skills along with the self-discipline required to follow timely advice and pull the trigger.

If you have the ability to implement a marketing plan once it is in place, then the Farm Marketing Consulting program is for you. If you are not comfortable implementing a plan, then you should consider our Total Marketing Program.

How do I know if the Total Marketing Program is best for me?

Our TMP is for individuals who want to work closely with a professional marketing company and want to utilize futures and options, cash contracts and regional or area marketing contracts such as basis contracts and hedge-to-arrive contracts. TMP clients typically lack the time, desire and/or expertise to market their crop and often want to reduce the emotional stress of marketing and concentrate on production.

This program is for producers who don’t mind relinquishing a portion of their market decision-making responsibilities. If you are hesitant to pull the trigger on grain sales or are so busy in the field you may miss a recommendation or don’t have time to place the order and you prefer to have a Brock Associates consultant take the action on your behalf, this program is for you.

Many TMP clients are involved in a farming business in which several individuals must agree on marketing decisions and prefer to have an independent third party handle the marketing.

Do I have to have a large farm to use a Brock Associates consultant?

We work with farms of all sizes, providing personal attention to increase our clients’ marketing success.

Do I have to farm in a certain geographical area of the U.S. to use a Brock Associates consultant?

You can live anywhere and your farm(s) can be located anywhere in the United States. Our consultants work with farmers and livestock producers across the country.

How do I know which consultant to use as my personal consultant?

While each Brock Associates consultant listens to his clients, takes the time necessary to understand individual needs and goals and acts with integrity, you will be paired with a Brock Associates consultant that we believe will be a “best match” for you and your situation. This person then becomes your unofficial business partner dedicated to your marketing success.

How frequently will my consultant communicate with me?

Your Brock consultant wants the strongest possible relationship with you, and two-way communication is an integral part of that relationship. As such your consultant will communicate with you on a regular basis and is also readily available when you want or need to talk. Communication can vary from a brief or a long phone call to a text message, an email or a 35- to 45-minute Market Edge web-based seminar that covers the latest USDA report and Brock Associates’ insight regarding that report. You determine the amount and frequency of communication—rest assured that your consultant is your marketing partner and cares about your marketing success.

What can a commodity marketing consultant do for me that I can’t do for myself?

Grain, cotton, rice and other commodity marketing is a complex and challenging aspect of farming. It’s a profession challenged with extreme volatility, unprecedented risk exposure and a lot of “What if’s.” Additionally, few producers and/or landowners have the time to devote to marketing to achieve the returns necessary in today’s financial environment.

During any given year, volatility in the markets accounts for an increasing proportion of the swings in a farm’s profits. The substantial risk to the operation that this poses needs to be actively managed. With this kind of money on the line, someone must devote the time and energy to understand the fundamental and technical factors affecting the markets and to make important marketing decisions. A Brock Associates consultant can be your “someone.”

As a Brock Associates client, you qualify for discounts at our winter and summer seminars and other publications.

What does it cost to have a Brock Associates consultant working with me?

Consulting fees vary with the program used. Please give Brock Associates at call at 800-558-3431 so we can learn about your business and marketing needs and direct you toward the best program and consultant for your situation. You never know what this no-pressure, let’s-get-to-know-each-other phone call might do for your bottom line.

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