Events > Decisions 2019 Summer Seminar - Bloomington IL

Event Type: Seminar
Event Location: Bloomington IL
Event Address: DoubleTree 10 Brickyard Drive Bloomington IL 61701 309-664-6446
Event Map:
Location Notes: Regular Registration = $50 Brock Consulting or Brokerage Clients/Subscribers = $25
Event Start: Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Join area growers and gain insights for your farm. Sessions topics will include weather outlook, land value outlook, marketing - back to the basics, and Richard Brock's market outlook.

The meeting will be from 1pm to 5pm, followed by a complimentary social hour with a hosted bar and heavy appetizers.

Register by clicking here or call Brock Associates at 800.558.3431.

Tentative Agenda

- 12:00 Registration Opens
- 1:00 Regional Land Value Outlook
- 1:30 Crop Production Weather Outlook
- 2:00 Marketing - Back to Basics
- 2:30 Break
- 3:00 Richard Brock's Commodity Outlook
- 5:00 Heavy Appetizers and Hosted Bar Social

See you there!



In partnership with: Hertz Farm Management, First Mid Ag Services, Busey Ag Services