Market News & Headlines >> CBOT Corn Futures Delivery Area Expanding

Effective Aug. 13, the delivery territory for Chicago Board of Trade corn futures and mini-sized corn futures contracts will be expanded, exchange operator CME Inc. said on Thursday afternoon. 

In a notice to market participants, CME said the expansion will include the Havana-Grafton shipping district and the St. Louis-East St. Louis and Alton switching district and added it will resume the normal listing schedule of the corn contracts. The rule amendments will apply to contract months without open interest, which will be the March 2020 contract and beyond. 

The expansion will align the corn contracts’ delivery territory with that of the soybean futures contract. As a result of the expansion of the delivery territory, 20  delivery facilities which are currently regular for delivery against soybean futures can potentially become regular for delivery against the corn contracts, pending application with and approval from the Exchange. 

As a result of resuming the normal listing schedule of the Contracts, the Exchange will list the July 2020 and December 2020 contract months which were previously suspended.