Market News & Headlines >> Corn-for-Ethanol Use Stays Strong

The monthly Grain Crushings report issued by USDA on Monday afternoon confirmed U.S. corn-for-ethanol use continued to run comfortably ahead of a year earlier during March.

 USDA pegged March corn crushings for fuel alcohol production at 460.4 million bushels, up 8.7% from February and 5.0% above March 2016. The usage pace was above the level needed to reach USDA’s current forecast for 2016-17 corn-for-ethanol use to run 4.3% above a year earlier.  March corn use for dry-mill ethanol production totaled 413.7 million bushels, while wet-mill use was 46.7 million bushels.

Dry mill co-product production of distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) was 2.00 million short tons during March 2017, up 5% from February and up 4% from March 2016. Distillers wet grains (DWG) 65% or more moisture content was 1.39 million tons in March 2017, up 14% from February and up 5% from March 2016.