Market News & Headlines >> Farm Service Agency Releases Acreage Data

USDA’s Farm Service Agency on Monday announced acreage data for crops enrolled in U.S. government subsidy programs along with “prevented planting” totals. The acreage data was originally schedule for release on Aug. 12, but FSA delayed the release citing “additional time necessary for processing the data”.

Farmers participating in U.S. subsidy programs reported planted area ( including failed acreage) of 86.768 million acres for corn, 86.488 million acres of soybeans and 47.445 million acres of wheat, FSA said.

Prevented plantings included 3.148 million acres of corn , 987,000 acres of soybeans and 1.162 million acres of wheat, FSA said. Those totals are up from the 2021 prevented plantings of only 639,231 acres for corn, 341,005 acres for soybeans and 292,521 acres for wheat.

Final program acreage in 2021 totaled 91.360 million acres for corn, 86.258 million acres for soybeans and 49.439 million acres for wheat. That included 82,957 failed corn acres, 54,964 failed soybean acres and 610,453 failed wheat acres. FSA will update program acreage and prevented plantings totals monthly through December.