Market News & Headlines >> FSA: Prevented Plantings up nearly one-third from 2014

Preliminary certified acreage data released by USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) on Monday morning showed prevented planting has been declared this year on roughly 2.301 million U.S. corn acres and 2.173 million soybean acres.

FSA, on its Website, reported total prevented planting acres for all crops at 6.449 million, which also included roughly 693,000 wheat acres and 583,000 cotton acres. That total is up from last year’s total prevented plantings of 4.371 million acres.

A total of 83.147 million U.S. planted/failed corn acres had been certified as of Aug. 1, while 79.478 million planted/failed soybean acres had been certified. This compares with the estimates of 81.101 million planted corn acres and 84.339 million from USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

The FSA acreage data is far from complete, however, and will be updated monthly through January when a final certified acreage total will be provided.  NASS won’t reconcile its acreage estimates with FSA data until October and then again in January.

The corn prevented planting acres are up from the final total of 1.605 million reported in 2014, while prevented soybean acres are up from just 861,000 last year. Roughly 25.8% of all U.S. prevented planting acres reported so far this year are in Missouri, where prevented soybean acres were a hefty 1.021 million and prevented corn acres totaled 506,000.

The next highest state for soybean prevented planting acres was Illinois with roughly 230,000. For corn, Mississippi was second highest with roughly 233,000 prevented planting acres.