Market News & Headlines >> "Good Outcome" to U.S.-China Talks; China Buys Soy

China did not cancel planned visits to U.S. farms because of any issues in trade negotiations with the U.S., the country's senior agricultural representative in the talks said, according to a report by state-backed Chinese media group Yicai. 

Last week's trade negotiations achieved a "good outcome" and made thorough preparation for talks in early October, said Han Jun, deputy director of the Office of the Central Rural Work Leading Group, at an event in Washington, D.C., according to Yicai. 

Chinese officials on Friday unexpectedly cancelled visits to farms in Montana and Nebraska scheduled for this week, as deputy trade negotiators wrapped up two days of talks in Washington, casting further uncertainty over a Sino-U.S. trade deal. 

"There was a good outcome from the negotiations in the agriculture area too. The two sides had thorough and candid communications," Han said, according to Yicai. The farm visits were planned separately to the trade talks, and the U.S. side has said they will send out another invite at another time, Han said, according to the report. 

Chinese buyers were back in the U.S. soybean market on Monday, buying about 10 cargoes, or about 600,000 metric tons for October-December shipment from Pacific Northwest export terminals, two traders with knowledge of the deals told Reuters News Service.