Market News & Headlines >> Scouts See Big Indiana Crops

Scouts participating in the second day of an annual Midwest crop tour on Tuesday pegged Indiana’s corn and soybean yield potential above last year, but saw mixed prospects in Nebraska.

An average yield of 185.03 per acre was calculated for Indiana’s six crop districts, which is up 10.6% from last year’s tour average and 31% from the three-year tour average, which of course, was dragged down by an exceptionally low yield for the drought-stricken 2012 crop. The tour average yield also tops USDA’s first survey estimate for Indiana, which came in at 179 bushels per acre.

Scouts on the tour do not estimate soybean yields, but came up with an average Indiana soybean pod count of 1,220.79 per 3 foot by 3 foot square, up 3% from the 2013 tour average and 9.1% above the three-year tour average, suggesting higher yield potential.

On the western leg of the crop tour, scouts calculated an average corn yield of 163.77 bushels per acre, up 5.7% from last year and 11.6% above the three-year average, but 5.3% below USDA’s Nebraska yield estimate of 173.0 bushels.

Tour scouts came up with an average soybean pod count of 1,103.26 for Nebraska, 3.1% below last year and marginally below the three-year tour average.