Market News & Headlines >> Trump Administration Not Changing 2020 Biofuels Plan, Sources Say

The Trump administration aims to stick with its current proposal on 2020 biofuel blending requirements, Reuters News Service reported on Wednesday morning, citing two sources familiar with the matter. 

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow told the Iowa Corn Growers Association on Tuesday that the administration will proceed with the Environmental Protection Agency's October proposal for addressing refinery waivers, the sources said. "The rule isn’t changing," one of the sources familiar with the Tuesday discussion told Reuters. 

Farmers and biofuel producers have said that plan does not go far enough to make up for the administration’s expanded use of renewable fuel standard waivers for refineries. The EPA supplemental rule underwent a period of public comment, which ended in late November. EPA then sent the proposal to the White House Office of Management and Budget for an interagency review process. 

The plan is expected to be finalized by Friday, one source said. The final rule for 2020 blending requirements is already past its end-November deadline. The White House and EPA did not immediately respond to requests for comment.