Market News & Headlines >> U.S. Ag Exports to China up on Soy Shipments

U.S. foreign trade data released on Wednesday showed monthly U.S. agricultural exports to China for September were the strongest in nearly three years amid a sharp increase in shipments of U.S. soybeans to that country.

Total U.S. agricultural exports to China during September were valued at $2.963 billion, the highest monthly total since November 2017, according to Census Bureau data compiled by USDA’s Foreign Agriculture Service and made available on its Global Agricultural Trade System (GATS). 

With a value of more than $1.926 billion, U.S. soybean shipments accounted for roughly 65% of total September agricultural exports and were also the strongest since November 2017. 

By dollar value, corn was the next largest U.S. agricultural export to China in September with shipments valued at $168.8 million, while U.S. cotton shipments to China were worth $114 million, shipments of pork and pork variety meats were worth $112.5 million and wheat shipments were worth $89.5 million.