Market News & Headlines >> Will You Take Your Crop's Pulse?

The arsenal of electronic tools a farmer has at his/her fingertips all but rivals those available to the military. Many farmers already see yield monitors, lightbar systems, GPS and even autosteer tractors as status quo.

In the early adopter phase is drone scouting of fields and Big Data offered by ag technology companies. Monsanto’s purchase, first of Precision Planting, a soil data company and later Climate Corp., a weather information collection company, equips that company to provide a farmer with an individualized agronomic plan. The company estimates a corn yield boost of as much as 50-bu./acre is possible.

At the same time, DuPont Pioneer this year launched Field360, a service that organizes data field-by-field and that allows farmers to monitor rain, growing degree units and crop development from their mobile devices.

Not only are higher yields a possible result, but savings in labor and inputs. We expect these new technologies to drive further consolidation as they not only support, but encourage, bigger farms.

For more information on adoption of these new technologies, see “Ten Megatrends Reshaping Agriculture,” by Brock Associates. It’s $30 from Amazon or by calling 414-351-5500.