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Brock Investor Services Inc. provides professional brokerage services in commodities at competitive rates to individuals and commercial accounts, complementing the services offered by Brock Associates.

Our brokers provide fast, reliable order execution for the experienced trader as well as assist the less experienced hedger in understanding and implementing the Brock strategies in a timely manner. Brock Investor Services’ seasoned commodity brokers help keep you up to date with important news and changing market conditions and implement your trades quickly and efficiently.


David Behrel

Vice President of

Brock Investor Services


Joe Kale


Kevin Woods Broker Brock Report

Kevin Woods


Dale Doucet Broker Brock Report

Dale Doucet


Chase Bell Broker Brock Report

Chase Bell


Michael Dorbandt Broker Brock Report

Michael Dorbandt



Brock Investor Services has offices in Milwaukee, Wis.; Destin, Fla.; Au Train, Mich.; Greenwood, Miss.; and Tipton, Ind.

To learn more about Brock Investor Services or talk to an experienced, knowledgeable broker, call 800-426-0923 or email us at [email protected]

David Behrel Vice President of Brock investor services

David Behrel, Vice President of Brock Investor Services

David Behrel’s roots in the commodity business date back 100 years to 1913, when his grandfather, Will Roy Behrel, purchased a membership at the Chicago Board of Trade. David’s father was a member of the CBOT for nearly 50 years as well, making David a third generation grain trader.

David has worked in the futures industry for nearly 25 years, including two years on the floor and more than 10 years with Brock Investor Services.

David strives to keep his clients up to date with important news and changing market conditions and informed of the latest positions and strategies outlined in the Brock Report. He provides fast and reliable order execution for the experienced trader and assists the novice hedger in understanding and implementing the Brock strategies in a timely manner. David also specializes in alternative option strategies that can help reduce the volatility and possibly improve the performance of a hedge account. This includes implementing option spread strategies specifically designed to take advantage of market trends and the time decay of option premium with the specific goal of enhancing the clients’ net selling price for their grain. David graduated from Drake University in 1985 with a degree in finance.

You can reach David at 888-351-3291 or at [email protected] 

Joe Kale Broker Brock Report

Joe Kale, Broker

Joe Kale has 25-plus years of industry experience as a broker, floor trader on the various Chicago exchanges and an international proprietary trader based in Japan for a Wall Street firm. Joe joined the Brock Investor Services team in 2004 and works in the Milwaukee, Wis., office. He has a degree in analytical management from the U.S. Naval Academy.

Joe can be contacted at 888-351-6177 or [email protected] 

Kevin Woods brokerage team Brock report broker

Kevin Woods, Broker

Kevin Woods has been a broker for 30-plus years and trades numerous discretionary accounts for his customers. He has managed BIS’ Indiana office since 2005. A graduate of Purdue University in agricultural economics, Kevin was a member of the Chicago Board of Trade for six years. Kevin’s hobbies include flying airplanes and playing guitar and banjo.

To contact Kevin, please call 866-260-9819 or [email protected]

Dale Doucet brokerage team Brock report broker

Dale Doucet, Broker

Dale Doucet brings 25-plus years of commodity trading experience to Brock Investor Services’ Lafayette, La., branch office. Dale also has extensive experience hedging agricultural products for both farming operations and grain elevators. Dale was also a primary contributor to the Brock Energy Report which was published on a monthly basis, but is now discontinued. Dale resides in Lafayette, La. with his wife Ginger and three children.

To contact Dale, please call 800-525-2903 or [email protected]

Chase Bell brokerage team Brock report broker

Chase Bell, Broker

Chase joined the firm in 2015 and brings 5 years of experience from working as a grain merchandiser in the Southeastern United States. He provides risk management services to row-crop hedgers with emphasis in corn, soybean, cotton, and rice. Chase has undergraduate and graduate degree from the University of Arkansas and also a faculty member teaching in the Ag Economics department web portal system. Chase resides in Macon, GA.

To contact Chase, please call 870-946-4000 or [email protected]

Michael Dorbandt brokerage team Brock report broker

Michael Dorbandt, Broker

Michael has 30 plus years of experience in hedging and risk management in the agricultural, energy, and financial markets. He earned a BS in Economics and an MBA in Finance from The University of Louisiana. Michael has worked with various companies and individuals in the agribusiness area, financial institutions, energy companies, and hedge funds throughout his career. Michael is a marketing associate with Brock Investor Services and Brock Associates in Dallas where he has lived since 1987. His business agility provides him the ability to get involved quickly, identify relevant issues, and develop solutions to mitigate risk and magnify profitability within the business framework.

To contact Michael, please call 214-770-2020 or [email protected]