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Insights from Brock Associates Consultant Katie Hancock

A few months ago, Richard Brock mentioned equipment sales are down over 40%. There appears to be an excess of equipment sitting in dealer parking lots which also confirms a large supply. Dealers are also sending brochures advertising leasing or buying options, showing the competition is tough and demand is low.

The deals in my southwestern Kentucky location prove lower sales and leases have dealers in a competitive sales mode. What does that mean? It means there are great deals out there. Leases, purchases, and financing opportunities are some of the best I’ve seen.

Those that followed the Brock marketing advice have fared better than most over the past year, but this is not an easy time for anyone in terms of profit. Inputs are expected to lower in 2016, but making a profit will still be tough. Hardly anyone is aggressively buying or leasing more equipment. Still, you may need to add equipment to the operation.

Opportunities to buy or lease are at a great price relative to the past. If you do need to add equipment, I advise to shop around at different brands and ask for financing and leasing options. Competition and desperation will provide an opportunity we all need in the upcoming years.

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