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2024 Market Edge Calendar

2023 USDA Report & Market Edge Calendar

Brock Associates offers three distinct types of commodity marketing seminars for farmers, landowners, lenders and other agribusiness professionals:

  1. On-site educational outlook seminars across the country that bring together farmers, landowners, lenders and other agribusiness professionals.
  2. Online Brock Market Edge seminars that focus on key USDA reports as well as need-to-know hot topics.
  3. Market outlook speakers available for your event.

On-site Educational Outlook Seminars

Brock Associates partners with agribusinesses to deliver regional market outlook seminars twice a year:

  • “Decisions” Summer Seminar Series – one-day seminars across the United States.
  • “Maximizing Profits” Winter Seminar Series—one-day seminars in the Midwest.

The Agricultural Economic Symposium is Brock Associates’ national conference where you hear high-level speakers addressing topics at the top of your want-to-know/need-to-know list. The symposium provides a platform where you interact with—and pick the minds of—some of the most savvy producers and agricultural experts in the industry.

Brock Market Edge

We know you’re busy. Market Edge are web-based seminars you watch and view on your computer or mobile device at your convenience that give you timely updates on changes in the information influencing market prices. From key USDA reports to seasonal and annual outlooks, these 45- to 60-minute presentations include the analyses you need to stay current.

Need a market outlook speaker for your conference?

Check out our speaker bureau or give us a call today at 800-558-3431. We’d like to hear about your needs and will be glad to discuss available dates, speaker fees, etc.

Sponsorship Opportunities


David Brock

Director of Marketing

Brock Associates welcomes the opportunity to partner with agribusinesses who wish to become a sponsor of the Summer Seminar Series, Winter Seminar Series, Agricultural Economic Symposium or the Brock Market Edge webinars.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities and benefits, please call our Director of Marketing David Brock at 414-540-2623 or contact him here by email.