Market News & Headlines >> Few Changes Expected In U.S. Carryout Estimates

Friday’s monthly Supply/Demand report from USDA is not expected to show any significant changes to USDA’s estimates of U.S. corn, soybean or wheat ending stocks for 2023/24.

Trade estimates of U.S. corn ending stocks avg. 2.153 billion bushels in a range from 2.100-2.293 billion bushels, compared with USDA’s November estimate of 2.156 billion, according to a Bloomberg News survey of 24 analysts.

Pre-report expectations for U.S. soybean ending stocks average roughly 242 million bushels in a range from 215-245 million bushels compare with USDA’s November estimate of 245 million bushels.

Trade expectations for U.S. wheat ending stocks average 684 million bushels, unchanged from USDA’s November estimate, in a range from 670-706 million bushels.