Market News & Headlines >> Little Change in FSA Crop Acreage Totals

USDA’s Farm Service Agency on Monday morning reported that the number of crop acres enrolled in 2015 government support programs rose marginally during November.

FSA said farmers had enrolled 85.099 million planted/failed corn acres in subsidy programs as of Dec. 1, up versus 85.033 million a month earlier. Prevented plantings for corn were virtually unchanged at 2.367 million versus 2.366 million on Nov. 1. Failed corn acres as of Dec. 1 totaled 187,511 also barely changed from a month earlier.

Soybean planted/failed acres enrolled in government commodity programs as of Dec. 1 totaled 81.341 million versus 81.277 million a month earlier, with prevented soybean plantings unchanged at 2.231 million acres. Failed soybean acres totaled 154,693.

A total of 52.722 million planted/failed wheat acres were enrolled in government programs as of Dec. 1, up from 57.673 million in the previous tally, with prevented wheat plantings unchanged at 698,000 acres. Failed wheat acres totaled 1.131 million, up from 1.128 million a month earlier.

Roughly 8.289 million planted/failed acres of upland cotton were certified under government programs as of Dec. 1. Prevented upland cotton plantings totaled 564,575 acres, up marginally from 560,504 on Nov.1. Failed upland cotton plantings totaled 256,776, also up marginally.