Market News & Headlines >> Record Weekly Soy Export Inspections

U.S. weekly soybean export inspections set an all-time record high for the second time in three weeks during the week ended Nov. 13, hitting 3.113 million metric tons (114.4 million bushels) amid strong Chinese demand.

Some 78% of the weekly export inspections, or 2.431 million metric tons (89.3 million bushels), were destined for China, which has been buying U.S. soybeans at a record pace. U.S. export sales commitments from China for 2014-15 to date are up about 5% from last year.

The weekly soybean inspections total surpassed the previous high of 2.771 million metric tons (101.8 million bushels) inspected during the week ended Oct. 31.

U.S. soybean export inspections for 2014-15 have already reached 16.610 million metric tons (610.3 million bushels) and are mounting at a record pace, up 17.3% from a year earlier.