Market News & Headlines >> U.S. Corn Planting Lags Normal

Monday’s weekly crop progress update from USDA showed corn planting off to a slow start at 2% complete versus 3% last year and the five-year average of 5%, which was really no surprise with weather having slowed fieldwork in southern growing areas.

USDA reported no planting progress as of Sunday for most of the major Corn Belt growing states including top producer Iowa and No. 2 Illinois, which on average had 9% of its crop planted by April 12 over the previous five years.

Of last year’s top 10 corn producing states, only three: Kansas, Missouri and Ohio reported any planting progress. Missouri’s crop was only 4% planted versus an average pace of 15%, but Kansas was ahead of schedule with 14% planted versus the average pace of 8%.

Planting progress was lagging notably in the soggy Mid-South with Kentucky only 1% planted versus 3% last year and an average of 15%, while Tennessee was just 5% planted versus 6% last year and an average of 23%.

Corn planting had nearly caught up to normal in the Delta, by Sunday, though, with 89% of the Louisiana crop planted vs. an average of 97%, 51% of the Arkansas crop in the ground versus an average of 58% and 62% of the Mississippi crop planted versus an average of 68%.