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Brock Daily Market Comments help you stay abreast of what the agricultural markets are doing and give Brock Associates’ perspective three times each trading day.

Brock Daily Market Comments are clear, concise and up to the minute:

  • Morning Comments issued before 8 a.m. – You get a snapshot of the overnight price action at the Chicago Board of Trade and what’s anticipated during the regular session in both grain and livestock.
  • Mid-day Comments issued before noon – You’re given updated information plus Brock Associates’ recommendations.
  • Closing Comments issued after 4:30 p.m. – You are provided a wrap-up of the trading day and a look ahead to the next market day. (Times listed are Central Standard Time/Central Daylight Time.)

You can receive Brock Daily Market Comments via four different avenues. You choose the one best for you:

  • Access online at using an assigned user ID and password.
  • Email (one email address per subscription).
  • Obtained from DTN / Farm Dayta.
  • Brock Commodity Network minutes using assigned PIN.

Brock Commodity Network minutes lets you access Daily Market Comments by phone using an assigned PIN and is perfect for the on-the-go Comments subscriber. You prepay for time, then are charged only for the minutes used. You receive notification when your prepaid minutes are reached.