Brock Associates Senior Management Team

This core of individuals develop the strategies and tactics that enable us to successfully deliver timely, accurate, useful market intelligence to the agricultural community, empowering confident decision making and delivering on customer expectations of profitability performance.

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Richard A. Brock

President &

Chief Executive Officer


David Behrel

Vice President of

Brock Investor Services



Richard A. Brock, President & Chief Executive Officer

Richard Brock is owner and president of Brock Associates, an agricultural marketing advisory service and publisher of The Brock Report, a 20 page weekly fundamental and technical newsletter. His firm, now with seven offices, manages grain sales on over 700,000 acres throughout the U.S. and is an advisor on purchasing strategies for many large poultry, pork, dairy and food companies. Brock is on retainer with several agri-business firms for his input on strategic planning. He writes a monthly column for Delta Farm Press and Feed Stuffs magazines and speaks at over 50 conventions and conferences per year.

Brock grew up on the family grain and pork farm in central Indiana. He received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University and his Masters Degree from Cornell University. He and his wife Cathy, have three grown children and five grandchildren. They live in Destin, FL and Milwaukee, WI.

You can reach Rick at [email protected]


David Behrel, Vice President of Brock Investor Services

David Behrel’s roots in the commodity business date back 100 years to 1913, when his grandfather, Will Roy Behrel, purchased a membership at the Chicago Board of Trade. David’s father was a member of the CBOT for nearly 50 years as well, making David a third generation grain trader. David has worked in the futures industry for nearly 25 years, including two years on the floor and more than 10 years with Brock Investor Services.

David strives to keep his clients up to date with important news and changing market conditions and informed of the latest positions and strategies outlined in the Brock Report. He provides fast and reliable order execution for the experienced trader and assists the novice hedger in understanding and implementing the Brock strategies in a timely manner. David also specializes in alternative option strategies that can help reduce the volatility and possibly improve the performance of a hedge account. This includes implementing option spread strategies specifically designed to take advantage of market trends and the time decay of option premium with the specific goal of enhancing the clients’ net selling price for their grain. David graduated from Drake University in 1985 with a Degree in Finance.

You can reach David at 888-351-3291 or at [email protected]